Hot & Spicy
All Pt. and Medium Size on Menu and Lunch Price are Not Available for Dine-In Orders
Any Diet Dishes Upon Your Request!

Catering For Party

(For 5 or More People)
We'll Have Space Available for any Family Party! Soon! Please Call to Reserve the Spot!
We'll Make Any Kind of Dishes Your Prefer for Your Party! Up to Hundreds of People

P1. Pu Pu Platter
2 Shrimp Roll, 4 Chicken Wonton, 2 Chicken Wings, 2 Crab Stick, 4 Apple Stick, 4 Onion Ring, 4 Boneless Breaded Chicken, 2 Chicken Teriyaki, 2 Butterfly Fried Shrimp, 4 Cheese Wonton
P2. Family Size Fried Seafood Combo
3 Fish, 4 Crab Stick, 10 Shrimp, 10 Scallops.
P3. 25 Pcs Chicken Wings 33.95
spicy P4. General Tso's Chicken w. Plain Lo Mein w. 10 Wings 39.95
P5. Beef, Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice w. 12 Chicken Wings 39.95
spicy P6. General Tso's Chicken & Plain Lo Mein & Bar-B-Q Chicken Shredded 38.95
P7. 6 Shrimp Roll, 10 Wings, 15 Boneless Breaded Chicken, 6 Pcs Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp 36.95